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Zach Garcia
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Zach Garcia

Disney Dad

I'm back with another post about a dream... Not something aspirational, but rather a vivid dream that I had last night... I don't remember all of the details but the reoccurring theme was being recognized for something I am definitely not. So we were at a Theme Park, felt like...

Zach Garcia


Never forget... I will never forget where I was... I stared at that screen in amazement. I watched it over and over again. It will forever be etched into my memory. No. Not that. I think you think I'm thinking of September 11th, that horrific terrorist attack on the U....

Zach Garcia

2023 Holiday Card

We sent Cards this year but they went out later than we normally get them out. And I didn't have time to write a letter, but if I did have time, this is what it would say:

Zach Garcia

Don't Touch My Daughter!

Sometimes I feel so out of touch with my kids. Stuff seems to come out of left field but in reality, it's that they don't talk to me about stuff. So it makes me feel way worse than it should... And I shouldn't feel that way... I'm working through some...

Zach Garcia

How to make a Swiftie's Head Explode

The "New Arrivals" bin. That's where I immediately go when I shop at my local record store, Grace Records. It's always where I find the most interesting albums, as they're previously loved discs that someone has chosen to sell to the store. You never know what you're going to find...

Zach Garcia

It's a put on...

I recently rewatched the HBO series "Entourage" over again. I remember liking the show when it originally aired. So the thought of rewatching it was exciting to me. I remember it as being a fun show about fame and "making it". A little peek under the skirt of Hollywood stardom....

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