I don’t know what the guys over at EaterAZ are smoking… Or maybe if they’re like me they like to eat their weed…  (I’m not much of a smoker but I love brownies… #alwaysorderdessert) Either way they need to get their shit together… According to this article they posted today, they think that the guy in the picture on the right is the same guy as in the picture on the left… And who is it they claim is this gentleman? None other that AZ Republic Food Critic (retired) Howard Seftel… Do a google search of Howard and you’ll see that it is him in the picture on the left. But there’s no way that’s him on the right… Sorry Tyda. But you missed the mark on this one.

Seftel? I don't think so!

I called them out on Twitter and have yet to receive a response…

EaterAZ, I love your work, especially your Taco Festival, but maybe leave the detective work to actual detectives.

*Edit, the picture has been fixed

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