Can I just say how excited I am that Shake Shack is coming to Arizona?

I’m really f’n excited that Shake Shack is coming to Arizona.

[@shakeshack chicken is bomb!](

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But that’s not all I’m going to say… We took a quick weekend trip to Vegas and ate at some of the best Chef’s restaurants (Scott Conant’s Scarpetta for example) but what are me and my friends still talking about a couple days later? The lunch and subsequent late night visit to Shake Shack. Yeah we went twice in one day. If you’ve had S/S you understand.

[@shakeshack twice in one day. This time we got #cheesefries.](

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The first-ever AZ Shack, slated to open in 2016, will be in one of my wife’s favorite shopping destinations Scottsdale Fashion Square at the corner of Scottsdale and Camelback Roads. The second location will be opening in Phoenix’s iconic Uptown Plaza, situated at the corner of Camelback Road and Central Avenue. It really is a lot to smile about.

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