I know what you’re thinking, this guy is going to tell me to buy Girl Scout Cookies… And while they are delicious (Thin Mints right out of the freezer? I mean, come on! How good is that?) that’s not what February’s cookie season is to me…

There’s only one kind that I want to be eating right now… And that’s the Chocolate Sugar cookie that Tammie Coe Cakes does this time of year… Yeah you can get her famous vanilla sugar cookies year round, and they’re f’n fantastic (the nutmeg sends them over the top!). Every time I fly through Terminal 4 at PHX SkyHarbor I have to grab a box. Incoming flight, outgoing flight, Tammie Coe will take my money every single time… But the Chocolate is perfection.

Some people might call them hella expensive, but for cookies of this quality, they’re worth every penny. You can pick them up at the TCC bakery in Downtown Phoenix, Terminal 4 in PHX, various AJ’s Fine Foods locations, and various Whole Foods locations.


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